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AromaDesk Oil Blending Tool


A well-balanced mix of essential oils can have mutual enhancing effect than individual oils. AromaDesk Oil Blending Tool lets you mix and match from more than 100* essential oils and 20+ carrier oils. View the changes of chemical constituents as you add and remove oils.* This free version gives you the opportunity to experiment the app and comes with 4 essential oils to choose from for your blends.
Select essential oils and carrier oils from the built-in list.Add and remove drops for each essential oil.View the chemical constituent, note distribution, and dilution ratio of your blend with every drop added or removed.
Your best tool for exploring and simulating oil blending in aromatherapy.
Check out our website at to see how it works!
Upgrade to the full version through the app to access the full set of essential oils. You can also:* Add your own custom essential and carrier oils.* Save your blends.* Export blends and custom oils.No separate download needed.